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The only product offering true mentoring to the project management community!
In my personal journey, nothing has impacted me like the power of a mentor!  As I searched for something similar in the project management landscape, I didn't find any offering that curated specific lessons or offered live coaching specifically to the project management community.  This is THE product to enhance your growth in the project management profession.  This is THE product to assist you in growing your influence!
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  • 24 Lessons: Every other week, there will be lessons specifically curated on project management topics to assist in growing your influence and increasing your project management knowledge.
  •  24 Live Calls: After each lesson, the following week will have a live call to discuss each lesson.  There will also be Q&A to discuss ANY issue to assist and advance your learning.  All calls will be recorded in case you miss one!
  • Access to a Membership Area: Get all of the templates, tools, and research considered best practices in a Membership Area that you can immediately access.
  •  Private Facebook Group:  Be invited to a Private Facebook group to continue the collaboration and learning with everyone in the Mentorship program.
  •  Get this today for $500 per year or $50 per month!
Special Price: $250 per year or $25 per month!
What Others Are Saying About Rick....
Rick Morris is a highly creative strategic project consultant. He is skilled in translating complex project management concepts into easy to understand practical solutions for various types of organizations. Rick mentored me on how I could leverage my corporate project management knowledge in the world of non-profits. I have since progressed in my career to successfully initiating and securing funding for a number of high profile non-profit projects providing benefits to a wide variety of stakeholders.
Cheryl Zaccagnino, MBA
There are many great things to say about Rick, and the wonderful thing about it is people are always happy to tell you about their time partnering with him. In my time with Rick, and the main reason I knew I had to work with him, I have found that no matter what avenue in life you connect with him, you, your life, your business, and your purpose will all be changed for the better. Do yourself a favor and partner with him. With Rick, you will better your best.
Winston Price
Rick is highly-focused, productive, efficient and responsive. He's expert at communicating ideas, and at motivating people. Rick's brought work in well ahead of schedule, and beyond expectations. In six months' time, I have placed two separate project management books for Rick with major publishers, which speaks to Rick's growing national reputation in the field.
Gina Panettieri
Rick is an outstanding advocate for Project Management with a real passion for what he does. His knowledge and experience, as well as excellent communication skills, have made him a great mentor and trainer to me. Those qualities along with his willingness to help in any situation make him a business partner that stands out among all the others.
Grady Trammell
Rick is one of the best in the field. He cares for his associates whether they be customers or colleagues, and does what is right to achieve the best results for his customer. Rick dives deep to resolve issues and consistently delivers on time. He is a proactive partner, focused at improving not only issues at hand, but also the industry as a whole. He is never too busy to assist a colleague. I have often received calls from Rick while he was driving from one location to another, spending road thought time on issues that did not belong to him. I would recommend Rick for any position within the Industry.
Shelley Atwell-Vasko
I have been following Rick Morris for a while now and during those times, he has taught and shared his experience with other project managers. His passion for project management and his realistic approach to doing his work led him to writing his book on "Project Management That Works". I believe Rick will be able to contribute majorly in any initiative he gets involve in. I would love the opportunity to work with him and would recommend that anyone who would like to go into project management to seek him for his help or as a mentor.
Randy Tangco
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