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Cover all 17 Chapters of the #1 Selling Book - Project Management That Works!
Project managers are routinely faced with dilemmas. Dilemmas such as sponsors mandating unreachable 
dates, teams unable to  give reliable estimates, changing priorities and scope, and a myriad of other issues. The reactions to these issues generally range from utter frustration to apathy. The reactions then lead to emotional conversations such as “We can’t possibly do this by then!” or “The Sponsor doesn’t understand!” Finally, there is an approach that is applicable whether you are the leader of a PMO, or just a single project manager trying to do things right! Rick Morris introduces Project Management That Works! If there is only one online class you can attend this year, this is the one for you! Rick will take his time tested successful approach and break it down for you in manageable pieces so that you can not only learn each concept, but also be able to apply it immediately after the class. This will not be the latest fad or psychology, but a simple, time-tested, experience based method to communicate with the entire project team from stakeholders to team members. The techniques will be applicable for internal project managers to consultants, and everywhere in between. Rick will not “lecture” about proper project management techniques, instead he will inspire by sharing some very personal experiences of both success and failure. Come to a true lessons learned session from one of the rising names in the 
project management industry! This is the one you do not want to miss!  Get over 8+ hours of video, access to a membership area, in depth training, all of the tools and templates, a private Facebook group and much, much, more!  
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Training Topics
  •   Understanding You / Working Through Your Weakness
  •   DISC Profiles 
  •  Learning how to Deliver Proper Messages  
  •  How to Remove Emotion from Emotional Conversations  
  •  Understanding and Administering Communications  Management 
  •  Defining the word "Done"
  •  Learning How to Qualify the Questions  
  •  Proper Project Planning  
  •  Understanding and Applying the Triple Constraint  
  •  How to Estimate Using PERT  
  •  How to Create a Proper Project Plan  
  •  Characteristics of Good Requirements 
  •  Functional Requirements vs. Technical Requirements  
  •  How a Team Can Become Overburdened  
  •  Interacting with Requestors to Avoid Overburdening 
  •  Dealing with Mandated Dates  
  •  100% / 10% Rule  
  •  Setting up Successful Meetings 
  •  Understanding the Purpose of Meetings  
  •  Important Rules for Meetings  
  •  How to Get a Meeting Back on Track 
  •  Patriots and Scuds  
  •  Understanding Risk  
  •  Understanding the Risk Assessment  
  •  How to Create a Real Risk Assessment  
  •  The Thirteenth Floor Principle  
  •  Parkinson’s Law vs. Murphy’s Law  
  •  How to Account for Risk in a Project Plan  
  •  Delivering the Risk Message to the Sponsor 
  •  Symptoms of Failing Projects  
  •  Creating Context vs. Content  
  •  Stopping a Project Before it Starts
  •  10+ PDUs
  •  8+ Hours of Video
  •  Access to a Membership Area
  •  Private Facebook Group
  •  2 Bonus Webinars
  •  All of this for $997!
Special Price: $497!
  •  Real World Advice
  •  Identify the data necessary to be successful
  •  Write a real project plan based on fact and data  
  •  Learn how to have the tough conversations and get what you need  
  •  Gain techniques that you can immediately use to impact your projects
  • How to Deal With Mandated Dates
  •  How to Improve Team Estimates
  •  New Scheduling Techniques for Microsoft Project 
  •  How to Deal with Difficult Sponsors and Difficult Situations 
  •  How to do Project Management That Works!
What Others Are Saying About Rick....
Rick is an excellent speaker and has the ability to combine learning with humor from his experiences as a Project Manager. His stories and how he dealt with the challenges of being a Project Manager taught me that my project challenges were not unique and gave me a renewed confidence and ideas on how to deal with the challenges. His books are very informative and every Project Manager would benefit by learning from Rick's experience.
Alan C. Rushing
I recently had the opportunity to attend Rick's "Project Management that Works" seminar, and what a great day it was. He provided plenty of insight into managing stakeholder relationships, assessing risk based on past projects, and increasing an organization's maturity level around project management, plus a wealth of other practical information. His down-to-earth style was immediately engaging and the information he shared came directly from his own personal experiences, making it all the more valuable and easy to apply in my own projects.
Jonathan Moore-Wright
I have been fortunate enough to witness Rick in action on multiple occasions. I have witnessed his powerful and moving presentations at national PMI events... His words are insightful, stories are touching, and his experience and energy is unbeatable. He brings forth knowledge and presents it so that his audience can immediately understand real world application of it. If you need a speaker who knows what he is talking about, is a superb Project Manager, and who will entertain, motivate, and inspire your audience, Rick is the one to do it.
Wendy Peacock
I have been lucky enough to attend one of Rick's presentation regarding Project Management Methodology. I found this one of the most relevant online sessions I have attended as he is a great speaker, addressing the message smoothly and most of all keeping in touch with those of us who demonstrated further interest on the topic presented. I thank Rick, not only for the PDUs I was able to earn, but for the knowledge and experience he shared with me, allowing me to put it in practice in my own professional path.
Juan C. Gonzalez
Rick is a talented and motivating speaker on standard and best practices to excel in your PMO. I have both heard him as a speaker and later worked with him on a project and was impressed how he practices what he preaches. I learned a great deal from his methodology and have also counted on him as a good sounding board for challenges within project management. I highly recommend Rick Morris.
Stephanie Hansen
Of all the solution consultants I've worked with over the years, this was the first time I worked with someone who was a subject matter expertise not only in the technology space, but in the practice of Project Management and could balance both of these in order to achieve results. He served as a thought partner with us, helped us overcome whatever challenge came our way, and built wonderful relationships with everyone in our organization he interacted with. He practices a high level of professional integrity, is a great speaker, and can quickly and effectively translate business needs into a solution that WORKS.
Lori Hagewood
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