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The Process and Profession Demands Respect
Welcome to the launchpad of a passionate project manager who is tired of watching the process and profession be devalued! Do you want to become the strategic resource that every organization needs? Do you want to be the positive influence that can change a corporate culture from within? Are you ready to make people's and organization's dreams come true? Then join me on the journey to create an army of passionate, respected, and innovative project managers that will NOT allow the process to be devalued, will NOT allow the thought that anybody can do our job, and WILL begin to challenge the common games played every day! Everybody WANTS to succeed, but do they have the WILL to succeed? We have several options to join this fantastic community. Come join the community that is creating the can do attitude and creating a success culture, one project team at a time!
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"Project Managers Make Dreams Come True"
~ Rick A. Morris ~
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Rick A. Morris is a multi-time best selling author with 6 titles on the market. He has appeared on thousands of stages all over the world inspiring project managers to grow their influence and impact their teams in a positive way. This activity has led to Rick being one of the most recommended speakers on LinkedIn and drew the interest of Forbes. By joining this community, you can tap in to that passion and fire that Rick brings to the project management profession. Get real time access to content, the latest teachings, and direct access to Rick by joining any one of these offerings!
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