The Struggle Between Agile and Project Management!
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Agile is not a fad, it is a reality. In today’s application economy almost every company is a software company. One of the biggest misconceptions is that Agile is new. However, there is a struggle that seems to be happening between the understanding of the Agile world and the Project Management world. What does it mean to be Agile? If we are an Agile company, do we need Project Management? Is one better than the other? Can the two exist with each other? As organizations are looking to eliminate the barrier between ideas and outcomes the impacts of how to prioritize, execute, allocate funding and resources, and embrace change amplify the need to understand the roles and responsibilities of everyone. Rick will discuss real life experiences and even how his own thinking has been transformed in what will be an entertaining, enlightening, and lively discussion.
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What You Will Learn!
  • Agile Trends: What does it mean to be Agile?  What are some of the Agile Myths?
  •  Misconceptions: What are some of the common misconceptions about Agile and Project Management?
  • Tips: How do you qualify someone to understand if they are a viable candidate to lead your Agile Transformation?
  •  The New Role of Project Manager:  How does a project manager fit into the new world of Agile?
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What Others Are Saying About Rick....
"Not everyone can make topics surrounding leadership and project management both informative and interesting! Rick kept us engaged and really drove some key points home about being a good leader; and a great project manager in the real world. If it can happen; Rick has a story about it! What I appreciated most was his ability to understand the battles we face in the professional arena and offer sound guidance on how to approach them confidently."
Stephanie Grover
"Rick is a dedicated wealth of Project Management knowledge. I had the privilege of being part of a Project Management class he taught and came away with pages and pages of notes and ideas, some of which I immediately put into practice and some I have inserted as opportunities presented themselves. I whole heartedly recommend Rick Morris and would sit under his teaching again if the chance ever presented itself."
Jim Hazelwood
"Rick is a dynamic speaker and talented PM skilled professional. He has great ability to connect theory to practice. His competency to demistify complex concepts is very unique and make learning fun. I have had the pleasure of reading his books and it has been quite helpful in my management capability."
Greg Chavarria
"Rick is an outstanding speaker on project management, with interesting and often humorous insights into this realm. I have had the pleasure of attending two of his presentations, and have walked away both times with much food for thought! I highly recommend him to anyone!"
Tom Barton
"I met Rick when we both presented at the PMI New York Professional Development Day and I immediately loved his style of presenting. Rick entertains and energizes, and he delivers a strong message. What more could you ask for?"
Peter Taylor
"Rick brings real world experience to the classroom and seminars. His enthusiasm and knowledge of Project Management tranlates to a great learning environment. I recommend that anyone interested in learning more about Project Mangement attend a class or seminar lead by Rick."
Derick Lamar
"I had the privilege of listening to Rick speak several years ago as an undergraduate student at UAB. Rick has a great deal of both academic knowledge and real-world experience which he conveys with great enthusiasm and passion. I have found the knowledge Rick shared to be invaluable in my career development."
Thomas Howell
"Rick is an exceptional motivator with great ideas that inspire project managers and directors through his speaking opportunities, classes and books! I have attended one of his classes and several PMI meetings where he was the guest speaker and look forward to every opportunity to see him again."
Amy Landry
"Rick is a very detailed, highly motivated, and organized project manager. While working with Rick on multiple projects, I have learned from him how a project should be run effectively and efficiently. By seeing the best in action, I have learned how a project should be run and incorporate that into all of my projects to date. He is simply the best!"
Casey Tomany
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